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Loving music is a lifestyle. That rush of energy that hits when the lights go down and the first notes fill the venue.....I can't be the only one that wishes that feeling could be bottled!

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Get Off My Lawn from Joey Cape

Panic! at the Disco - Press Play

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    Bad Astronaut - Wide Awake

    On top of this tasty tune, was the announcement of a Bad Astronaut Box Set. This will be the first time some of these will be released on vinyl. The Bad Astronaut – “Universe”  will feature “Acrophobe” (LP, colored vinyl), “Houston: We Have A Drinking Problem” (Double LP, colored vinyl), “Twelve Small Steps, One Giant Disappointment” (Double LP, colored vinyl), and “Wide Awake 7" (Colored vinyl). Good news is it comes out April 23, 2021. Bad news is it’s sold out. The new Bad Astronaut Tee is still available.
    The Uptones - Keep Pushing

    The Uptones are back with a new single, “Keep Pushing”. From the first notes in, you are transported back to the early days of British two-tone. That great old school ska vibe that immediately puts you in a good mood. Almost reminiscent of The Specials. For a band that can celebrate 40 years of great music, this song is as fresh as their early stuff.
    In case you aren’t familiar with this band, they are a Berkeley based band that formed in 1981. Their politically charged music packed venues and they amassed a huge fan base and influenced many local bands. Operation Ivy lists them as one of their key influences. Tim and Matt from Rancid were such fans, they recorded a cover of The Uptones “Get Out of My Way”. 

    Sadellite - Need You Around
    This Valentine’s Day release from the Bay Area’s Sadellite gets you from the first note. This cover of the Smoking Popes 19940 release, “Need You Around”, hits you in the comfort zone. A familiar song you can sing along with. This well-seasoned trio consists of Josh Garcia, Alison Hanna, and Chris Hayslip. Crooning on this track with all the swagger of a lounge singer is Donald Spence. Lending a hand on guitar is Nate Serdy. They have spent their pandemic wisely by creating a tasty tune for your ears to consume.  This track comes fresh off their last release of Clash inspired Christmas tunes. I give extra points for them classified as emo on Bandcamp. 

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